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extra, extra!

I think this is really a huge step. I mean, sure it's figuratively small, but every little bit of awareness for this disease is only going to be a step forward to hopefully better procedures. And if people can learn to understand and use compassion, it's a helluva lot better than misunderstanding and being cruel, however unintentional the cruelty may be.

Like I was saying on twitter, I had a conversation with my Mom yesterday wherein I confessed that I seriously feel worse for those that develop RRP later on in their lives--because they've had such a taste of normality(in general, okay) and suddenly their entire lives will be turned upside down because wtf is this that they've contracted?! I mean, we still know so little about the disease. But on the other hand, those of us that have had it our entire lives at least...well, we know the routine. We're used to it and there's never been anything else for us, it's simply part of our lives. And there might not ever be another way of life for us, depressing as it is/seems/can be, or for those that contract it later on in life, if awareness is not spread so that their can be more medical research done and hopefully, better ways found to treat this.

So, thank you AGAIN, RRP yahoo community! I love these people that post such wonderful encouraging messages. I really wish I lived closer to some of them, it'd be a neat experience. Also, the president of the RRP foundation's voice is hot; can she share after my next surgery? o///o

Share it and help spread awareness! :) ♥♥♥

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♥ When there's decent support out there, it makes things so much easier to bear. I'm glad you've got that kind of support, hon. *glomp* :)

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oh man, tbh after this past year i feel like i better know the meaning of support and feel more grateful/appreciative that there are people willing enough to care. ♥♥♥ /glomps in return! :D

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This post is lovely

[identity profile] radarsparks.livejournal.com 2009-11-21 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
/sticks to like glue