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any idiot can be famous. I figure I'm more the legendary type.

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Name:♠ tormenta ♠
Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Texas, United States of America
Website:[ tumblr ]
stormie. 24. moody aries/earth dragon. digs swashbuckling adventures, lots of fictional bloodshed, and epic friendships.

(profile imaged colored by me, please don't re-use it elsewhere. tiny pokesprites made by thor lore! ♥♥♥)

kiwi peels (5:18:14 AM): I'll always remember how that dream of the clownshoe in the toilet filled me with a feeling of dread

kiwi peels (2:27:27 AM): SEE
kiwi peels (2:27:33 AM): YOU'D BE LOST WITH ME HA HA HA
kiwi peels (2:27:36 AM): without.....

[03:01] mercy miles: laughing
[03:01] kiwi peels: LMAO
[03:02] kiwi peels: cloneshoe hour
[03:02] mercy miles: wow i 've hit an early clownshoe hour
[03:02] mercy miles: ....
[03:02] mercy miles: L M A O
[03:02] kiwi peels: ...clownshoe

xxDianabanana (8:10:32 PM): ""the fur hasn't been fed properly" sounds like an internet meme that hasn't quite taken off properly yet..."
xxDianabanana (8:10:32 PM): i read that comment
xxDianabanana (8:10:36 PM): and with the icon
xxDianabanana (8:10:38 PM): i thought of stormie
xxDianabanana (8:10:43 PM): and then the username was like
kiwi peels (9:15:10 PM):
xxDianabanana (8:10:44 PM): radarsparks.
xxDianabanana (8:10:47 PM): well i was like
xxDianabanana (8:10:48 PM): "stormie"
xxDianabanana (8:10:53 PM): 'also that icon is colored like stormies"
xxDianabanana (8:10:55 PM): "wait OH MY GOD"
fedora swagger (9:15:19 PM): LMFAO
fedora swagger (9:15:22 PM): WHAT THE HELL

kINgDoMS uNfoLD (2:39 pm):
with this one huge tank
with a mean looking sucker
and you cooing at it

ookla the mok: i am like a fly on poop with bsb stuff
fedora swagger: i am in the same boat
the poop on bsb boat
i mean fly
ookla the mok: L M A O YES

...finger puppet art by catoblepas, hands off~8D

j-dawg, my good practical-san says (4:34 AM):
is that toilet paper
oh thats newspaper LMFAO

kingdoms unfold 1:51 am
(1:51:56 AM): fuck
(1:51:57 AM): that
(1:52:00 AM): mj gif in your profile
(1:52:14 AM): whenever I look at it, I ALWAYS LOOK AT THE SAME TIME SO I KEEP THINKING "toilet paper"
fedora swagger 1:52 am
(1:52:26 AM): L M A O
fedora swagger 1:52 am
(1:52:29 AM): PERFECT
(1:54:23 AM): and this is like what a year later too
kingdoms unfold 1:54 am
(1:54:35 AM): yes oh my god

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