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♠ tormenta ♠ ([personal profile] swashbuckling) wrote2009-06-26 12:05 am

j'mon lee

June 26th-June 29th(???)

My family(including Oaty, who is also family, as if this is a surprise ;D) and myself are leaving after I get off work this afternoon for Colorado. It's going to be a looong drive and I'm equally excited/scared. We're taking my mom to visit with her bff--that she hasn't seen since I was FIVE--and my little sister is also going to stay up there until close to the end of next month. Things at home will be kinda awkward, I imagine, but I'm not going to focus on that right now.

So! In lieu of lots and lots of time that will be spent in the truck(but it's a road trip, which are always adventures within themselves), I'm taking a short hiatus. I finally get to meet(with memories, that is) my godmother in person, whoa. She's also my middlename-sake, how's that? This is going to be super new and interesting, I cannot wait to get off work tomorrow.

Ciao for now, cheesies, and don't forget to start with the man in the mirror. ♥♥♥

I still need to pack, oh my santa.