Aug. 21st, 2009

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August 21st-August 29th(???)

I am going to pest the hell out of visit [ profile] glitterbats, my bb uke wench ukelele, oh yeah! ♥♥♥ Am still kinda freaked out as this will be my first time riding a Greyhound bus but hopefully it'll go okay. My bus leaves at 11 or so in the morning, eeek. :x

And I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that sent well wishes and stuff to me Sunday evening/, surgery went well! Although it took me longer than usual to actually be able to speak normally again, this probably has to do with my doctor using a microdebrider instead of the laser as usual. ANYWAY, I will get over it/have mostly gotten over that particular frustration and will now ~ move on ~ with my life. I'm moving on right now, as a matter of fact, woo! /zooms away ♥♥♥
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